BinaryX unveils concept art for its play-to-own MMO Cyberland.

2022 Nov 25

BinaryXhas released a concept video for its blockchain-based MMO CyberLand. ' an open-world MMO featuring free-to-play and play-to-own, and a concept video shows the game's terrain and features.

Free-to-Play and Play-to-Own.

CyberLand is the first play-to-own game in the Metaverse, and a monumental departure for BinaryX from play-to-earn games. You can develop your own land, construct your own buildings and even create your own plantations to build your empire. You can also freely trade your increased assets on the stock exchange.

The development team wanted the game to have a visual impact and be fun to play, but also to allow players to enjoy the gradual increase in the value of their assets. In doing so, players would experience a strong sense of ownership and enjoy the game for longer than they would in other Web3 games.

Cyberland story.

The player's journey begins in an untamed open world where abundant natural resources ('resources') lie in abundance. Players explore vast tracts of land to find 'resources', invent new technologies to develop the land, overcome the competition for survival and build their own empire. The style of the game is very similar to so-called 4x strategy games (eXplore: explore, eXpand: expand, eXploit: develop, eXterminate: annihilate). Players create their own storyline and decide their own destiny. The right to self-determination in the game is in your hands.
Players will inevitably face off against the dangerous monsters that inhabit CyberLand. The stronger the monsters become, the more valuable resources they provide. Players will have to face the threat of the monsters while collecting resources.

Four terrains in CyberLand.

CyberLand currently consists of four terrains: plains, deserts, swamps and snowfields. Each land has its own resources and is protected by monsters with different attributes. The location of the resources is not known to the player at the start of the game. It is up to the player to find the resources. Players have to explore, mine and compete for resources on their own. The title of the game, CyberLand, refers to the ownership of resources, and players can own the land they buy as NFT.

100% player-led off-chain economy. 

The game consists of a completely off-chain in-game exchange. All transactions related to resources in the game do not require gas money. Everything is completed off-chain, i.e. in-game. If necessary, assets can be transferred on-chain and can be traded on DEXes and CEXes.

The trading floor in the game is entirely player-driven, allowing players to buy and sell land and sell products produced on their land. The price at which land and resources are offered for sale is up to the player. However, the actual transaction price is determined by the balance between supply and demand of resources, just as in real-life P2P trading.

The main native currency used in CyberLand is $BNX, which is also used to purchase land in-game and as a reward when players participate in leaderboard competitions.

Planned future functions.

In preparation for the beta release, the BinaryX team is working on more cool features. In the near future, SocialFi features (create, upload and manage) will be introduced to allow players to monetise content created on the shared network while expanding their empire's editions.

The development team is also working on an on-chain wallet for seamless virtual currency transactions in the game. New playable areas and maps are being designed for future DLC releases.

CyberLand is an ambitious attempt to make Web3 games bigger and better. xxxx-to-earn industry has built a bad reputation for itself. We sincerely hope that CyberLand will be the first clean and great game in the Web3 ecosystem. The development team is currently working hard on the beta version of the game. We invite players to see for themselves the true value of the game's Free-to-Play and Play-to-Own features. Finally, I would like to thank everyone in the community for their support" - Chun Sim, Global Head of Business Operations and Development at BinaryX.

Watch the concept video here.

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