Ownership creates new gaming models, Animoka co-founder talks about the future of NFT gaming

2022 Oct 16

Yat Shu, co-founder of the Animocha brand, predicts that NFT (non-replacement token) gaming is just the beginning of the possibilities and that entirely new gaming models will be developed as a result of digital ownership.

Mr Shu, speaking to Cointelegraph, likens the potential growth of NFT games to mobile games played on mobile phones. Mobile gaming was relatively niche and clunky in its formative years, but has since grown rapidly into the most popular method of gaming worldwide, Shu says.

'Mobile gaming has brought about unprecedented types of gaming form factors, such as the ability to play with one hand, and innovations about how to play using AI [artificial intelligence].' This limited form factor has made it the most popular form factor in gaming", he says.

Shu comments that the whole field is still new, although the blockchain game itself has many inconveniences at this stage. It is therefore only a matter of time, says Shu, before more sophisticated models are created, designed around ideas such as digital ownership, interoperability and economic utility for users.

'In the NFT game, we have only scratched the surface. Everyone is looking at ownership in a big way. I think it's going to spread to everything in the future and ownership will create new game formats that we couldn't do before."

Shu also pointed out that metaverse gaming platforms and massively multiplayer online games are models that are compatible with NFTs, as they "allow trading of items and deep level economic design".

Mr Shu also argued that the blockchain gaming experience is not always smooth at this stage and many users are accepting this.

This, he noted, was because they felt it was worthwhile to be a stakeholder in the game, unlike the traditional gaming model where capital is invested but not recouped.

'When you think about it, it can be a UX [user experience] nightmare. But because of ownership, people put up with it not only because it has value, but because this is my land, this is my car, it makes sense."

In response to a question about when NFT technology will become seamless enough for even grandmothers to use without awareness, Shu stressed that this could be achieved through more widespread tokenisation of physical objects, integration of commonly used services with NFT and human interaction He stated.

He also points out that as the world becomes more digital, children will naturally want digital things.

'I suspect that grandmothers will buy digital items not only as gifts related to their grandchildren, but also as a means of interaction,' she said, adding that, conversely, grandchildren could even present grandmothers with digital illustrations they have drawn.

'We will have a digital world. These digital creations, art, creativity, games and utilities will create thousands upon thousands of SMEs."

Source: https://jp.cointelegraph.com/news/nft-games-are-only-scratching-the-surface-of-what-s-possible-animoca-s-yat-siu