Blockchain gaming trends are changing: popularity of P2E games declining = survey

2023 Jan 12

In the blockchain gaming industry, the once-popular P2E (Play to Earn) model has fallen by the wayside and the focus has shifted to improving the gameplay experience. A new study points to a 'major shift' taking place in the industry.

The Blockchain Gaming Alliance (BGA) hasThe report was published on 12 January andand, in the process, conducted an industry analysis. 347 experts from 252 projects and companies in the blockchain sector were surveyed.

According to the BGA, most respondents were young men working in middle or top management positions in blockchain gaming companies.

Within this report, there is a clear shift in how blockchain gaming executives view P2E as a driver for blockchain gaming adoption.

Chart showing factors that could impact blockchain gaming adoption Source: BGA

67.9% of respondents agreed that P2E will be the biggest growth driver for blockchain gaming in 2021. In the latest survey, this figure has shrunk to just 22.51 TP2T.

Instead, improving the gameplay experience is seen as the biggest driver of adoption in 2023, with 35.71 TP2T respondents indicating that improving the gameplay experience is a top priority for the industry.

Pedro Hedera, head of research and analysis at DappRadar, a DApp analysis company, attributed the decline of P2E to falling virtual currency prices and free-to-earn (free-to-play) games, saying that "2023 will be the year to win" in paving the way for a new generation of web3 games.

Rowan Zwiers, co-founder of the web3 consultancy Blockminds, said that after the P2E boom in blockchain gaming, the industry is currently in the midst of a 'pull back towards normality'.

He notes that P2E gaming has "proved unsustainable", but points to the need to develop more advanced next-generation blockchain gaming dynamics.

Meanwhile, Felix Hartman, chief investment officer of Hartman Metaverse Ventures, said that P2E games with 'cheap point-and-click browsers' are no longer as well-funded as before because 'capital has become smarter and more demanding'.

Mr Hartman points out that venture capitalists are looking at better experiences for gamers.

"Unreal Engine-based.highmiddle dot (typographical symbol used between parallel terms, names in katakana, etc.)fidelityMore and more cutting-edge game studios are integrating Web3 and AI into their games, and they are gaining more support".

The popularity of P2E is declining, but Corey Wilton, co-founder of Mirai Labs, said that while there will always be 'enthusiasts' for the P2E model, it is clearly more profitable to create games that 'capture the casual gamer'.

The report highlights that the most significant problems in blockchain gaming are poor gaming and the problem of understanding the concept of blockchain gaming.