Premium collaborative NFT by NYLON x ONIMARU released!

2022 Oct 31

SWAGGA has launched Onimaru x NYLON JAPAN: The Trendsetter Collection, a collection designed in collaboration with NYLON. This was also published in the December issue of NYLON's magazine.

The "ONIMARU x NYLON JAPAN: The Trendsetter Collection" to be released is a unique NFT that can be raised within "SWAGGA" as well as a collectible NFT, and is "NYLON PINK The line-up includes unique ONIMARUs dyed in "NYLON PINK".

You can enter 'SWAGGA', the Web3 meta-verse, with your own customised avatar. SWAGGA' will host a variety of events such as apparel brand shop openings, art galleries and music events, where large numbers of people can gather, follow and communicate with each other. Fashion and entertainment will not only be available in the virtual world, but also in the real world through the clothes and art associated with NFT, making for a more immersive experience. SWAGGA is being developed as a highly entertaining, immersive e-commerce platform for fashion lovers, based on the concept that anyone can exchange likes for value.

Furthermore, in the future there may be a land NFT that only those who get the NFT in collaboration with NYLON will be able to enter?

Product overview.

collection-name: 'ONIMARU x NYLON JAPAN: The Trendsetter Collection'.
Pre-sale date (pre-sale).*: Thursday, 10 November 2022, 21:00 (JST).
Date of public launch (public sale).: Friday, 11 November 2022, 21:00 (JST).
sales unit price: 150BUSD.
number sold: Limited to 500 copies.
point of sale: SWAGGA official website : (Pre-sales, public sales)
  Gate NFT:. sale).

*Pre-sales are only available to users who have obtained a white list. The white list is available to users who already own an ONIMARU NFT or who participate in a social networking campaign.


SWAGGA(Swagger) is a phygital* fashion metaverse, an immersive e-commerce platform for fashion lovers that not only provides an entertaining virtual space but also a direct link to real life, aiming to create a world where 'everyone can exchange likes for value'.

The game is also under development and based on the elements of fashion, amusement and socialising, it is a unique economy in which players assert their individuality in all aspects, including dance battles, decorating their own space and avatar, which is reflected in their fashion, dance skills and supporter values. It has its own economic cycle.

*Physical is a term coined by combining the words 'physical' and 'digital'. It refers to the fusion of 'things' in the real world with content and services in the digital world.


SWAGGA's mascot, theONIMARUis a digital life form that exterminates the hard-fork virus that is spreading in the metaverse. It has released a series of collaborations with Tokyo Girls Collection, Japan All Stars, a prominent Japanese NFT collective, more than 30 art creators and fashion brands.