Pre-sale of the latest NFT game 'Negai NFT', a beautiful girl NFT game!

2022 Oct 14

New Negara NFT game 'Negara NFT' pre-sale is underway! NFT is a beautiful girl nurturing card battle x strategy simulation RPG blockchain game.

'Neglected NFT' is a new type of beautiful girl neglected NFT game. It will be a P2E blockchain game where you can own Pioneer (Genesis) NFTs and earn money while playing the game. The token used in the game will be CHOCOLATE LIKE BUTTERFLY (CLB). The Play to Earn ecosystem is designed so that tokens can be earned through various content such as guild battles, loot systems (PVP) and team battles.


A thousand years ago, an unknown virus broke out on Earth.
In search of new places to survive, humans moved to planets other than Earth and established empires.

Over the years, people have built DAO organisations and
The aim was to create an utopia of profit-sharing targets within DAOs.
In addition, people created guilds, which also gave rise to their own guild culture.

And they also found space to produce the scarce resource Spicy CLB Token, and
In order to mine more spicies, they mutated human genes and
Specialised mining machines: creating pioneers.

The battle for CLB tokens is about to begin!

Official website:.

[Game Features].

A line-up of beautiful girls with a lot of personality.
 Over 100 beautiful girls in total!
 Raise a beautiful girl of your choice and set off on an adventurous journey!

Easy to use, yet highly strategic.
 Experience exhilarating battles with just a tap!
 Deep deck organisation and lots of challenge!

Form guilds to compete for crypto assets.
 Form guilds of friends and associates to seek further mining areas!
 Let's work together to build assets!

Fierce battles with looting system.
 Lead the best troops and test your skills!
 Play competently with the powerful, increase your own assets!

Go for the prize money in team competitions.
 Team up with your matched comrades and work together!
 Master the battle and win cash prizes!

Official website:.

[Pioneer NFT privileged].

  • Lending of CLB tokens
     → Abandoned revenue: 151 TP2T of CLB tokens from total space production, allocated according to the strength value of the pioneer NFT.
  • right to establish a guild
  • guild revenue-sharing rights
  • Spending on NFT upgrades halved.

Pioneer NFT presale:.

[1st pre-sale overview].

The first Pioneer NFT pre-sale is being held at the NFT Market Press OpenSea.

  • Pioneer NFT Total: 7 000 pieces.
  • First sales period: from October 2022.
  • Number of first sales: 700.
  • First sale details:.

Updates and other information will be provided on the official website and various social networking sites in the future.

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